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Our goal

Allow those who have few means to paraglide

Reuse our equipment or recycle what no longer flies

Bénéficiez de réductions d'impôts en nous donnant des matériels encore volants !

Ailes pour Eux est reconnue

d'intérêt général

À propos

A few words

Before "Wings for Them", there is the "Cercle de l'Homme Volant" created by Catherine Mouligné. During 10 years, this association has received, revised and sent equipment to Cuba, Madagascar, Algeria and Marocco.

Wings for Them takes over, while keeping the same values.

Offer freedom, freedom to fly, create new activities in countries with small income, this is the target for Wings for Them.

We take donations, recycle, revise and ship paragliding equipment to countries in need.

Where the equipment donated doesn't meet our minimum standards, we have a certain number of partners able to recycle or re-employ the equipment.
Wings for Them manages the collection, the qualification and the shipment of the equipment.
Our success is based on a network of voluntary partners and friends, who manage the complete chain.



At Ailes pour Eux, we operate solely through the network of partners and volunteers who transport, review, transport and distribute the equipment.

Revisions are provided free of charge by Certika, Rip'Air and Wingshop.

The wings are marked by Parastick.

For materials to be recycled, we have developed a network of around ten partners who use the material for social, humanitarian or sometimes commercial projects.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Transport and transport are all carried out on a voluntary basis by flying personnel, pilots who travel to donor or recipient countries, or people of goodwill offering their services.


Become Donator

You can send us any type of paragliding equipment:

  • wing (solo or twin), harness, rescue parachute

  • helmet, jumpsuit, shoes

  • flight instruments and radios

  • Magazines, books, ...

We favor equipment in good condition, and accept all types of equipment with the exception of competition or non-approved equipment.

We also need you to talk about us around you!

Give some money

You don't have any equipment to give to us but you are sensitive to the association' approach ?

you want to participate in another way ?

You can, from the link opposite, donate money to the association. This money will be used mainly to finance the revisions of the equipments. The donation amount is free.

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