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New equipment for Cuba in March 2020

Our friend Rénier has allowed us to deliver a complete equipment to Roberto Urribares, for the free flight club in Havana.

Two wings for Algeria in Skikda – Feb.2020

Through Akim Bentroudi, we have been able to provide revision of two gliders to help the young “Albatros parapente” club in Skikda. Fethi Kharkar, certified instructor of the FASA (“Fédération Algérienne des Sports Aérien") manages the new pilots education.

4 complete equipments for Tunisia – Feb.2020

It is yet again our friend Gil Fonlladosa who allows us to deliver equipement for the young and dynamic ASPAA club in Bizerte. This equipment will also be sued by a brand new club in south Tunisia, funnily called “Hrissa Sports – les sports qui piquent ” (you need to be french speaking to get this…)

Equipment for a clever recycling – Février 2020

We have been able to provide 4 wings to UNAP Pontarlier, a small structure offering handicaped workers a warn and friendly place. This structure, while already manufacturing many objects out of wax, proposes to recycle our wings to manufacture bags and other small objects.

The wings we have provided have been tested and are not flyable anymore.

The recycling/upcycling activities allow us to give a real value to the equipment, and avoids finding it in a waste or stored for life in a garage.

Important donation from our Swiss friends – Feb.2020

It is yet again a marvelous surprise…generosity of Stéphane Bigler and the pilots of two clubs based around the Leman lake is limitless. Amongst the donations, 5 wings including 2 almost new wings, harnesses, rescues, helmets, and various radio and alti-varios.

December 2019
Equipments for Cuba

We are very happy with the equipment delivered to Cuban pilots. Just check the smiles on everyone’s faces!

Let’s now hope that we can continue our shipments to Cuba, needs are gigantic, and the pilots are worth it.

It is a great pleasure that we have been able to prepare equipment for Cuba.

As much we know that local pilots are in desperate need of recent equipment, Cuba remains a complicated destination.

Airfreight costs represent several months of the average salary, import of any kind of electronic equipment is totally prohibited, and making sure that the equipment is fairly distributed once it has arrived is difficult to control.


Through our friend Rénier Trujillobarani (Right on the picture) the equipment will be delivered locally.

Our equipment will be fairly split through David Calas, who manages this task regularly.

We are very happy to have sent three complete revised equipments (wing, rescue, harness and carrying bags)


We soon will publish some pictures of the equipment, now that internet can be used in Cuba!

August 2019 - Equipments for Cuba
August 2019 - Nemours

It is always a great pleasure to receive photo or video testimonials from our users with the gear they have been offered

This month, , we have received 2 videos from our Algerian friends in Mostaganem, alongside with a thank you message.

The Mostaganem paragliding team wishes to thank the Ailes pour Eux association for everything you do to promote paragliding in Algeria and elsewhere. Our thanks also go the donators, without whom nothing would be possible. Thank you also to the network of friends incl. Bilal & Hakim Lahneche, who gave so much of their time and energy o allow the equipment to get here !

June 2019 - Nemours

Ailes pour Eux is very happy to be overloaded with equipment donated for disadvantaged pilots.

This shows how generous and sharing this community can be.

While this is very nice, it also involves that we now get a larger storage area.

We have identified a very kind local entrepreneur in the city of Nemours, quite involved with the “Secours Catholique””, who has offered to provide us free of charge a 15sqm (and more than 3m tall) area in a larger hangar.

We now have the keys, allowing us to get access to the equipment at any time.

Generosity, outside paragliding pilots, also exists!

A very warm thank you to this person.

New shipments can be made to the same address as usual, despite the storage place change.


Good flights to all!

February 2019 - Bizerte
January 2019 - Bizerte

As the New Year starts, we have been informed  that a delivery has taken place in Bizerte - Tunisia - through the support of Gil Fonlladosa.

We have delivered 2 wings (Swing Mistral 4 and Nova Prion) aswell as harnesses, helmets and carrying bags.
The Bizerte group has sent those pictures and a message:

On attend dé qu'il fait beaux çà sera avec grand plaisir vs pouvais voir les météos sur Bizerte (rasdjebel et rafraf) .

je vs passe à vs et Gil et toutes l’équipe de DES AILES POUR EUX les respect et les remerciement des jeunes 

November 2018 : equipment for Algeria

Just before Xmas, an important delivery of wings, harnesses, helmets and clothing has been made for a delivery in Algeria to different clubs.

Transport and delivery are performed by our friend Hakim Lahneche, all our gratitude to him!

Another shipment to  Algeria

Bonjour Catherine, 


Je te remercie énormément pour tout ce que tu as fait pour les petits club algériens, le travail que tu as accompli a permis à plusieurs pilotes de progresser et de faire découvrir le parapente 

Je te remercie donc au nom de toutes ses personnes, surtout pour ta bienveillance et la confiance que tu nous a accordé

Je joins à ce mail quelques photos  

Je te souhaite une belle continuation et à bientôt sur des sites de vols 

Je souhaite à Philippe la bienvenue dans cette belle aventure. 

bjr catrine,

avant tout au nom de notre groupe  je vous remercie bc bc bc bc pour le materiel que vous avez récolté pour nous  qui va permetre a bc de gens qui ont peut de moyens de realisé leur réves de voler  , et je m'excuse vraiment pour ce retard   ,  et je vous informe que la plus part du materiel on la  bien recue malgré le retard  a cause le manque de personne qui font allez retour entre la france et l'algerie qui nous accordent de transporté le materiel ,   il reste juste quelque matos , je vous informe aussi que j commencé a donné des ailes à quelque nv club qui ont pas de matos ni les moyens pour acheté  ,

je commence a t'envoyé quelque photos des débutant qui ont commencé a voler cette saison et en biplace aussi , ils sont tres  heureux

a tres bientot

un grand merci l'homme volant



Shipment to Algeria
Zazak'ailes, awarded at Icare!

Découvrez le teaser de ce film, primé du « Coeur d’Icare » à la 36éme édition des Icares du Cinéma


Les « Vezo », peuple de pêcheurs au Sud de Madagascar, sont touchés par la surpêche industrielle et leur avenir est menacé. Initier des jeunes de cette communauté au parapente serait une alternative qui permettrait à certains de gagner leur vie en développant cette activité.